site specific installation, 2018

There is no guarantee of affordable housing, even in so-called developed countries.
Apartments’ prices are high, while salaries are low.
A lot of young people cannot afford their own place.
Not owning a place - in a physical dimension - is not, however,
the same as not having a place in the world.
As the critic and curator Marianna Michałowska writes:
nowadays, un-habitation does not have to be the result of losing one’s identity, it can be a conscious decision that is equal to accepting the fact that only by the lack of stable address one can truly be oneself.

Resignation from putting roots does not exclude having relations and/or attachments, but it allows for their redefinition.
Mobility can be a very constructive aspect of many different relationships. It contains in itself both memory and oblivion.
The need to focus on now, but also the need for remembering.

Installation was created using three old mattresses.
On two of them I drew the outlines of the many rooms I had once lived in. On the third one, I wrote the word POŁOŻENIE, which in the Polish language relates to the act of laying, as well to the social status.

This work was created for and presented during the Survival festival (Survival: Capital, Wallenberg-Pachaly Palace, Wrocław, June 2018). Photo documantation by Kazimierz Ździebło.