catalogue, 21 cm x 29 cm, 2017

Cultural appropriation seems to be one thing that never
goes out of fashion. Elle Canada calls dashiki - a traditional garment worn by man mostly in West Africa - a must-have item and Valentino puts replicas of the Bronze Head from Ife (depicting historic King
of Ife people) on bags.
In 2000 Alexander McQueen went as far as calling one of his collection after a god of the Yoruba people, Eshu. What is more, designers often describe their Africa inspired collections with derogatory terms such as primitive, wild or tribal.

CYVILIZED is a fictional magazine in which photographs depicting
the acts of appropriation are mixed with the actual statements
of designers and journalists reviewing collections in question.

The work was created for and presented during the exhibition
The Sun Waiting for the Full Moon (Obroncow Stalingradu 17 Gallery, Stettin, Poland, October 2017).

The extended version of the text above was published in BEJSEN#1.