drawing installation, ink on Japanese paper, 2019

This project was created during the Artist in Aso Residency Programme.

The feeling of being surrounded can have different connotations.
It can be suffocating and it can be accompanied by overwhelming anxiety. However, it can also be a very positive experience.

In the fall of 2019, I found myself in Aso, a small Japanese town laying in the shadow of an active volcano.
I was surrounded by mountains, but I did not feel like a captive.
If anything, it was the feeling one may have when receiving a hug from someone they like very much.

This work was presented during the following events:

  • the Safe Place, Rotational Cultural Center, Warsaw, Poland,
    February 2020
  • Caldera, Gallery Takechi, Kumamoto, Japan, October/November 2019
  • Shirakawa Night Market, Kumamoto, Japan, October 2019
  • Aso City as seen by an outsider. Touching art, Art-chi, Aso City, Japan, October 2019