Solo exhibitions & events

  • the Safe Place, Rotational Cultural Center, Warsaw, Poland,
    February 2020
  • Prelude to the Safe Place, Starak Family Foundation/Spectra Art Space, Warsaw, Poland, January/February 2020
  • Aso City as seen by an outsider. Touching art, Art-chi, Aso City, Japan, October 2019
  • The end of Escitalopram, Duzy Pokoj, Warsaw, Poland, September 2019
  • The future that was not, the past that will not be, Proznia Gallery, Szczecin, Poland, March 2018
  • Collection of Universal Things, Schody Gallery, Warsaw, Poland,
    May 2016

  • Group exhibition & events

  • Caldera, Gallery Takechi, Kumamoto, Japan, October/November 2019
  • Shirakawa Night Market, Kumamoto, Japan, October 2019
  • Queen of Bees, Kronika Centre of Modern Art, Bytom, Poland, March/April 2019
  • Hestia's Artistic Journey - an exhibition of the finalists,
    Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland, June 2018
  • Survival: Capital, Wallenberg-Pachaly Palace, Wroclaw, Poland,
    June 2018
  • The scale of Strangeness, The Wladyslaw Hasior Gallery of the Tatra Museum, Zakopane, Poland, May 2018
  • Foreign Body, Galeria Szara, Katowice, Poland, April/May 2018
  • BEDEN, RUH, ISYAN / Body, Spirit, Revolt, Gama Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey, April 2018
  • Beden ve Ruh / Body and Spirit, Izmir Mimarlik Merkezi, Izmir, Turkey, March 2018
  • NEXT LEVEL, Proznia Gallery, Stettin, Poland, February 2018
  • 21st International Film Festival ZOOM Jelenia Gora, Poland,
    February 2018
  • Videonews, Labirynt Gallery, Lublin, Poland, December 2017
  • Stettin's Avant-Garde, Stettin's National Museum, Stettin, Poland, December 2017/January 2018
  • Sun Waiting for the Full Moon, Obroncow Stalingradu 17 Gallery, Stettin, Poland, October 2017
  • inSPIRACJE / Breathtaking, TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art, Stettin, Poland, June 2017
  • Die Zeugen oder Unsere Kleine Stabilisierung Zusammenfassung, Brandenburg, Theater, Brandenburg, Germany, December 2016
  • OFAFA, Cracow, Poland, October 2016
  • H o w d o e s i t m a k e y o u f e e l, Obroncow Stalingradu 17 Gallery, Stettin, Poland, February 2016

  • Residencies

  • Artist in Aso, Aso City, Japan, September/October/November 2019

  • Awards & distinctions

  • Finalist of the 17th edition of Hestia's Artistic Journey, Warsaw, Poland, June 2018
  • Finalist of the 21st edition of the International Film Festival ZOOM, Jelenia Gora, Poland, February 2018
  • Finalist of the 4th edition of the Festival of Audio Visual Arts
    Mlode Wilki, Stettin, Poland, November 2017
  • Finalist of the 12th edition of the International Festival of Visual Arts inSPIRACJE, Stettin, Poland, June 2017

  • Curated projects

  • eDEN Poetry Slam (13th International Festival of Visual Arts inSPIRACJE), Proznia gallery, Stettin, Poland, July 2017
  • Foreign Body, Galeria Szara, Katowice, Poland, April/May 2018
  • NEXT LEVEL, Proznia Gallery, Stettin, Poland, February 2018
  • I would prefer not to title this, Perfex, Poznan, Poland, June 2017
    (in cooperation with Patrycja Migiel)

  • Graphic design

  • Jikihitsu. The Signature of the Artist - promotional materials for the conference that took place in Warsaw, Poland, in June 2019.
  • Stettin's Avant-Garde - book that accompanied the exhibition of the same title. The exhibition took place at Stettin's National Museum
    in December 2017.

  • Conferences

  • Culture-therapy: strategies of using culture in therapy, treatment and education, Media Research Center, Cracow, June 2019 - The role of the picture in the discourse on the subject of mental health
  • 2nd Memory, Melancholy and Nostalgia - International Interdisciplinary Conference, University of Gdansk, Gdansk, Poland, December 2017 - Fighting melancholy: memory as motivation, art as therapy. A short story of Louise Bourgeois and use of contemporary drawing in reliving the past