Prelude to the Safe Place
drawing installation, 2020

The feeling of safety seems to be one of the most important needs of man. It is not、 however, an obvious thing. It depends on past experience and held beliefs. It does not fit squarely into established definitions. It can be manipulated.

And so, paradoxically, the small Japanese town laying in the shadow of an active volcano can turn out to be the safest place in the world. Stone statues can start to guarantee peace of mind. Many representations of lesser god met during daily walks can, in a way, become caring friends.

In Japanese mythology, O-Jizo protects the souls of children, bringing some relief to the parents.
He is also the protector of travelers.
By capturing his many images and compulsive multiplication of them, O-Jizo becomes a kind of talisman for the artist. A good luck wish for others and a personal symbol of safety.

Prelude to the Safe Place is a continuation of activities that took place during Artist in Aso Residency Programme (Japan, 2019).

The installation was created for Starak Family Foundation SOON_ project.
Photo documentation by Marta Krysińska.