I’m sorry I didn’t vote in the last election
objects, mixed media, different sizes + handwritten poster, 100cmX70cm, 2017

This project came to life in reference to the exhibition titled I am still alive: Politics and Everyday Life in Contemporary Drawing, which took place in the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2011.
Created objects were inspired by the Buddhist prayer wheels. One spin of such an instrument equals one prayer it contains. Using this mechanism a silent-protest-tool was created. Praying wheels were constructed using easily accessible materials such as used pens, screw-caps, cello tape, and buttons. Each object contains a prayer referring to my fears and views on current politics both inside and outside the country, such as Just two more years and there will be new governmentor Donald Trump will not start the 3rd World War.

The praying wheels are accompanied by a poster containing a single phrase Just two more years and there will be new government handwritten over and over again and short video documenting the use of these objects.
Initially, five praying wheels were made. Since then, more such instruments got created. Some of them redistributed among people on different occasions.

The work was presented during the exhibition of the finalists of the 17th edition of Hestia’s Artistic Journey (Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland June 2018).